To secure a "home away from home" for persons with high need disabilities in Taranaki. It will not be privately owned but will be held in Trust; enabling many people to have a secure future.


Lantern House will house up to five residents, with the possibility of respite care, for more to benefit from the facilities. These people will not be isolated because of their disabilities, but instead, their differences will be embraced, making their lives as safe, stimulating and rewarding as possible.


Lantern House plans to be a beacon of hope to many and an enjoyable place to live, visit and work.


Our values are excellence, integrity and compassion. These are manifested in:

  • Our independence
  • Our leadership
  • Our cooperative external relationships
  • Our responsible management of funds
  • The recognition, dignity and respect we accord to our clients, supporters, staff and volunteers.


Lantern House Trust is committed to providing property and monitoring services that:

  • Are well planned, maintained, accountable, evaluated, and efficient.
  • Are based on the needs of the people living in the house and responsive to changes in those needs as they arise.
  • Are fully functional for the staff working with the young people that live there.

What we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it

Aim: To establish, maintain and develop Lantern House as a residential House.


  1. To support and develop the management capacity required to achieve the mission of Lantern House.
  2. To develop and implement a public relations strategy to raise awareness of, and build support for Lantern House.
  3. To develop and implement a fundraising strategy for capital and maintenance programme costs.
  4. To procure a suitable site/premises for Lantern House.
  5. To provide high quality, accessible residential accommodation for people with high need disabilities in Taranaki

Aim: To oversee and be interactive with a high quality residential care service provider for people with high need disabilities in Taranaki.


  1. Enable client, family, and staff participation in the planning and development of the property.
  2. Engage a care provider to manage the care service.
  3. Have an overview and understanding of the vision and commitment to service of the care provider that is chosen to manage the property.
  4. Undertake a biennial review of service standards.
  5. Be in consultation with both the families of the residents and care provider around the introduction of new / replacement residents.
  6. Explore the possibility of having a suitable area for respite care, where all clients will be in a safe and supportive environment.
  7. Receive all enquires for support from families or outside agencies, with a caring and compassionate attitude.
  8. Identify up to five compatible people who will be ‘the first flatmates’ to occupy the house.

Aim: To build a highly capable, robust and sustainable organisation.


  1. Ensure Lantern House has sustainable funding and financial resources to support and further develop activities in the short and long term.
  2. Implement strategies to build and maintain long term relationships with donors, financial sponsors and supporters, stakeholders of Lantern House.
  3. Comply within the rules set out by the Charities Commission, and any other relevant legislation.
  4. Constantly review, challenge and refer back to our trust deed to make sure we remain focussed on our vision.
  5. Implement and maintain a Health & Safety policy to the highest standards.
  6. Aspire to have “best practice” across all Lantern House Activities/Actions.
  7. To be inclusive of all people regardless of their religion, beliefs, or ethnicity.
  8. To actively review all policies annually.