Lantern House Trust is a charitable trust, providinga home away from home for persons with high need disabilities


Lantern House Trust is a beacon of hope. The inspiration for Lantern House Trust (LHT) arose from a meeting held in February 2009 of parents about residential care for youth and young adults with high need disabilities. The meeting identified the shortage of residential services and parents decided to find a solution to the impending shortage of housing. A Trust was established with the aim to raise funds to build a home away from home. With the generous donations, the Trust goal to build a house for persons with intellectual and/or physical disabilities was realised in 2015.


To assist in the development of homes to meet the holistic requirements of youth and young adults with severe physical and intellectually disabilities


To help transform societies understanding that it is important all with physical and mental needs continue to be a valuable part of our community and enabling them to have a secure future


Safe future for youth and young adults
Compassion and Leadership
Sharing of information
Our home is a safe and loving home for our residents
Positive relationships with significant others
Perseverance and persistence


Lantern House Trust is committed to providing a property and monitoring services that:
Are well planned, maintained, accountable, evaluated, and efficient
Are based on the needs of the young people living in the house and responsive to changes in those needs as they arise
Are fully functional for staff working with the young people that live there

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